Vehicle Wraps

Let’s get one thing straight: A vehicle wrap is not paint. It isn’t permanent and it isn’t something you’ll have to live with forever. It’s simply a vinyl material that is installed on the exterior of your car, causing no damage, and being fully replaceable and removable. A wrap can look exactly like a solid paint color, or it can feature a custom-created design.

Your car is one of the best ways to express your personality, but sometimes it doesn’t say exactly what you want it to. That’s why, at 631 Coatings, you have the ability to create your own custom design. If the possibility of so many color choices seems overwhelming, not to worry — our experts are skilled at helping you find the right choice for you and your vehicle.

Avery color book


  • Loss of OEM paint, which significantly lowers the resale value of the vehicle
  • Can take several days/weeks to complete a full paint job
  • Client must re-sell a painted vehicle as-is (ex: DHL yellow must be repainted again in a sellable color)
  • Limited number of colors and finishes
  • Damaged sections of the vehicle have to be repainted which can take several days to complete and achieving the exact color match can be extremely difficult


  • Protects OEM paint from light scratches and UV damage which significantly raises the resale value of the vehicle
  • Short turn around — a colorchange wrap can be done in days not weeks!
  • Colorchange wraps can be removed in under half a day which means less downtime (especially for commercial vehicles ex DHL yellow wrap/use/remove/sell with a sellable color)
  • Replacement of damaged sections can be done easily and quickly with the color match exactly the same
  • Hundreds of colors, finishes, and textures are available! Endless customization options
  • We can create custom color matches! If you have your heart set on a color that isn’t currently offered but know EXACTLY what you want, we can have a custom color made!
Ready to see how cool your car can look?
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