Household Clear Surface Protection

Yes, you read that title correctly — 631 Coatings doesn’t just provide repair and restoration processes for your vehicle; we also provide high-quality surface protection for the interior of your home.

What is Clear Surface Protection?

Clear Surface Protection was created as a way to revolutionize how homeowners safeguard sensitive and valuable surfaces. The innovative protective films provide long term protection and can extend the life of any valuable surface in the home or workplace. After 30 years of research, improvement, and positive reviews, Clear Surface Protection is now well-known as a high-quality surface protectant in the automotive, aviation, marine, medical, residential, and commercial markets.

The Benefits of Clear Surface Protection

Protection films can be either semi-transparent or completely transparent, and are made from polyurethane film in order to provide maximum protection for even the most delicate surfaces. The films used by Clear Surface Protection possess superior shock-proofing properties, and they can protect surfaces against chipping, scratching, staining, and any contact that could cause permanent damage to the surface material.

At 631 Coatings, we know that the most valuable items in your home or workplace are often the items that are most easily damaged. And that’s precisely why we offer Clear Surface Protection films at affordable rates and why we’re willing to help you find the perfect film for your needs.

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